Lawn Mowing Services and Maintenance

Serving Marshfield and Central WI

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Additional Services

Shrub Pruning

Leaf Clean-up

Gutter Cleaning

Lawn Core Aeration

Diseased or dead trees, shrubs, and hedge removal upon request

Brush Cutting

Garden Tilling

Spring and fall clean up


Town & Country

Lawn & Landscape Since 2007

Lawn Service & Shrub Care

Services to help maintain a beautiful lawn and landscape

The Premium Lawn Care Program

Lawn Mowing Maintenance - Weekly (on a set day).

Lawn Edging - Driveways, walkways, curbs, fence lines and beds are included. Special care is taken to not damage concrete.

Mulching - Upon request.

Lawn Fertilization - Upon request.

Landscape Weed Management - All gravel, lawn, mulch areas and tree rings are kept weed free.

Landscape Debris and Leaf Removal - Patios and walkways are blown off each week. Debris is removed on an ongoing basis from non-lawn areas.

Shrubs - Shrubs will be trimmed and shaped up to three times per season.

Town & Country Lawn & Landscape has a strict no-smoking policy while on client property.

We are a company dedicated to protecting and maintaining the appearance and value of your property.

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Serving Marshfield and Central Wisconsin